Hi I am Zoe!

A business woman, trainer, consultant & public speaker dedicated to help you in achieving what you want in your business with dedication.

Back in the property boom days...

Independent Financial Advisor

Lots of people ask me... how did you get into what you do? I tell them it's a long story, but here it is in short.

I left University wanting to be an Ugly Betty in the city doing computer programming, however, the market was saturated after the dot.com boom that I found it difficult to stand out from all the first class students. So.. my first job was in a Mortgage brokers in Gravesend where I started off as an admin team member.

I have always been ambitious and really wanted to be working my way up the career ladder, my boss at the time told me to study and train to become an Independent Financial /Mortgage Advisor and that's exactly what I did!

I loved working with property investors to build their portfolios, attending some of the UK's largest property events and meeting clients in the city


And then the recession hit!

In 2008 the recession hit the UK, and the leads that were coming into the mortgage brokers dried up.

I was told that I had to start going out to find my own clients and do networking to really make sure I would get through.

This is when I discovered Facebook. In 2009 I set up my Facebook account. It was through engaging in property groups and becoming known as a Mortgage broker within them that I started to generate leads...

I loved working with the social media that much and was showing others how to use it that I decided this was my future...

ZC Social Media was born...

I left the property industry in 2010

In 2010 the recession really took its toll and although I was generating leads, the lenders didn't want to lend.

On the 10th February 2010 I left, and it was from there that I set up my own company called ZC Social Media.

ZC Social Media is a boutique social media and digital marketing agency based in Kent. We specialise in social media campaigns, management, training, and consultancy.

The company has gone from strength to strength over the last nine years, and now with a strong team and my husband working in the business as well, it's a great success.

ZC Digital logo_ZC Digital

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And now...

Spoken in over 14 countries, TV appearances and known in my field as a Social media expert

Over the last nine years I have spoken in over 14 countries, appeared on TV Programmes and channels such as ITV This Morning, ITV London News, BBC World News, BBC One, Channel 4 and KMTV, and work with some amazing brands and celebrities.

I strive to keep pushing my business ZC Social Media forward and also now working on my own personal brand "Zoe Cairns" building my range of events "Influence" and stand on many stages around world, speaking to 100s of people every month about Social media, digital and becoming an influencer within your field.

A few things about me

?Spoken in over 14 countries across the world

?Spoken for NATO at their conference in Montenegro, Lille, and Warsaw.

?Appeared on ITV This Morning with Eamonn and Ruth talking about "Social Media".

?My furbaby huskies are my children!

?Love tea and Netflix 🙂

? My husband is my business partner

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